Monday, November 24, 2008

Connecting with Mom Friends

During my adult years I have always been business oriented, I didn't get married until my late 30's, and didn't have my son until I was forty. So most of my friends were women with older children, or women without children, and as much as I love them for what they provide in friendship, they aren't at the same place that I am in regards to juggling a career, a relationship with my husband, and a toddler.

So it was so refreshing to go out to lunch with a friend that is at a similar place in her life. I met her while I was going through my infertility treatments. She and her husband were taking a medication class at the same time my husband and I were, while on our the first round of treatments; and then we reconnected, when the four of us showed at at another higher level medication class for further rounds of infertility treatments. The chances of us meeting again were millions to one -- and at that moment we knew there was a reason we were meeting up again. From that point forward we kept in touch as we both managed the process, and found ourselves pregnant at the same time, with each of us delivering a son within a 45 days of one another.

Since then she went back to the fertility clinic to get pregnant for a second time and found herself carrying twins, stuck on bed rest for the last four months of her pregnancy, and is now juggling three children under the age of 2.

And although we hadn't seen each other in many, many months (bed rest, delivery and recovery) as soon as we saw one another for lunch today and started talking, it was as if it was yesterday that we had seen each other. Our lives are so similar in the challenges that we face with raising little ones, managing our personal relationships, and keeping our sanity.

As our time together came to an end, neither one of us wanted to leave and get back to our lives, the camaraderie felt so good.....having someone else to talk with that really understood what you were going through. I know I am not the only one that craves that female friendship with other moms who are on the same level, going through the same challenges and finding compassion in like minded moms.

To all moms out there I wish for you a group of like minded women who you can talk with, share with, compare with, and raise your children with. Having friends is the best -- but having mom friends makes the journey even better!!

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