Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Mommy, Momma, Mommy Syndrome

Although my son is getting better, he definitely has the mommy, momma, mommy syndrome. A few months ago it seemed like I couldn't get anything done because he wanted to be able to have me in his eyesight. If I happened to go upstairs to get something done, or down to the bottom floor to throw in some laundry, his wails could be heard througout the house. It was also difficult when my husband would be watching him.....Zack would still want to be where I was (whether in my office doing some work, or up in the bathroom trying to take a shower) so he would be calling my name, crawling up the stairs to where I was, and banging on the door if I had closed it for a little privacy.

But he is better....although my husband can't see that. At first there was a little resentment because Zack was always calling my name. And whether Jeff sees it or not, he is now calling out Daddy much more often than in the past. Zack is also much more redirectable than before. If you can engage him, a few minutes after I walk out of the room he will stay and play with you. But it takes some effort, and again.......parents have to watch for changes in their children and give their kids credit that they are changing, and are moving past a certain phase. As with all things this is a phase and this too will change.

So instead of staying in the past of how Zack was acting a month ago, Jeff needs to make a little extra effort to engage him and redirect his attention away from me, so that I can get some things done, and Jeff can have that quality time with his son.

I personally prefer my son to be more independent and not feel like his world is going to fall apart if I am out of the room. I want him to go to his father, and others, and they enjoy one-on-one time together. But as with the many changes a toddler will go through -- the mommy, mommy, clinging to me phase will ease away and he will probably be all about daddy!!
Then the tables will turn, and I will probably miss him calling my name!

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