Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ball Player in the Making

The other morning was one of those times that I truly enjoyed my son. He can be so precious with his happy grin, curious nature, and excitement when he is doing something he loves -- one of those things is playing with balls (any kind of sports ball -- football, soccer, baseball, basketball, beach ball, etc....) he is almost obsessed with them.

So shortly after getting up and going downstairs he ran right over to his inflatable car that is filled with plastic balls and started throwing them to our dog (a white boxer named Aspen) to chase and play with him. He is so funny the way he crouches down (like a professional baseball pitcher) and throws that ball across the room. Then he laughed and ran after Aspen to do it again.......this can continue for a good fifteen minutes before he moves on to another game involving his football, or another sport.

My husband and I joke about what type of professional athlete he will be when he grows up. Even a few months ago, when he discovered the football -- my husband had gotten him a small official NFL ball and he was in love with it the minute it was in his hands. He reminded me of one of those freshman receivers in college that has to carry the ball around with him all day, and through all of his classes, making sure he does not let it out of his hands. Zack was the same way -- carrying it everywhere, and even falling asleep with it, clutched in his tight little hands. Even today if you say football to him he will comment "hike, hike, hike."

But them we laugh as he is always picking up the phone wanting to call someone, or talk --with it perched on his shoulder, under his chin, while walking around. So we make remarks about how instead of an athlete, he is going to be a Sports Agent, following all the sports, and then calling his clients after each game!!!

It is fun watching him blossom and enjoy his unique interests. As with any child a parent should pay attention to their child's gifts and talents and then find ways to encourage them to become the person they are meant to be. I look forward to watching Zack's talent unfold.

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