Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Particular about Clothes

For the last several months Zack has become very particular about his clothes. It started with him wanting to wear particular shirts (over the summer)and then only certain shoes and now he is becoming very demanding with what he will and will not wear. (And he is only 2 years old)!!

This last weekend hit a high point in this drama that I believe is setting a precident for things to come. On friday night I was at my office working with clients and came home to find my son ready for bed in a Miami Dolphins jersey and pants outfit that was better fitting for the summer or early fall, not for the winter time. But Jeff said he wanted to wear it, so off to bed he goes in his football outfit.

Then in the morning I finally get a chance to change him into something more appropriate, and warmer; only to discover that while I ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things, he changed out of those clothes and back into the Dolphin uniform!

So why fight it!

It then begins to snow and my husband gets called out for work, and my son decides, out of the blue that he now wants to wear Spiderman Pajamas. But he doesn't have any spiderman pajamas that currently fit him.....he wants the pajamas that he wore a few months ago that were part of his early fall clothes and he outgrew them. Which meant that they got moved to a bucket of outgrown clothes currently located in his closet.

I explain to him that they will be too small for him, but he is set on finding and wearing those pajamas, so I pull out the bucket and dig to find them. A few minutes later they are discoverd and Zack is happy as can be.....he wants to put them on. This obsession with the Spiderman Pajamas last throughout the weekend where he wants to wear them continuously, and even after spilling pasta sauce on them saturday night and pushing me to wash them the next day, does he grab them right out of the dryer and put them on again.

Then on monday morning....still wearing those pajamas, I had to convince him that he couldn't go to his sitters house, outside in the cold, in those pajamas. But if he wants, when I pick him up later in the day and bring him home, he can change back into those pajamas. I share this story with the sitter in the morning, and no mention of it again by Zack the whole day....until I go to pick him up at Mary's and a couple minutes into me being there does he say "he wants to go home and change into his Spider man Pajamas."

Which we do!

And tomorrow is another day of negotiation over clothes, wearing a coat, putting on boots, wearing layers, or not, and pursuading him not to run around the house for very long "naked" -- which is really his preference!!

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