Friday, January 16, 2009

The Morning Demands

I can remember a time in the distant past where I would roll out of bed in the morning, go about my business, make some coffee, putter around and then meander over to the computer in my office and start planning out the day. But as I took a good look at my current morning routine I wonder where "my time" went?

I am called out of my sleep by Zack wanting to get out of his crib. I crawl out of bed to go get him and find him happy, excited and raring to go! Meanwhile, I am trying to open my eyes andget a handle on the day. I lift him out of the crib and am suddenly attacked by our two boxers who are now whining for their food.

I explain to Zack that we need to go downstairs to feed the dogs and he is either up for that (the going downstairs part) or he is now interested in changing his clothes into another pair of pajamas (why, I have no idea!!).

I finally make it downstairs, feed the dogs, get Zack some milk and I am assaulted by his sudden demands....maybe he wants his cookie monster slippers (which are back upstairs and ones he didn't want before we came downstairs), or gummy bears (which I picked up last night for him) or something in the pantry closet that is not of the breakfast variety.....and I need to explain that we have breakfast first before eating anything else....a couple of times.

Then it is his show.....he gets in these obsessions where he had to watch Shrek every morning, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or the Doodlebops and now (thank goodness) it is the Barnyardigans. (which are fun, filled with music and some imaginary adventure) But I have to hear that until I go over and turn on the show.

Of course, all of this happens before I make it to the bathroom or have a cup of coffee or tea in my hands. Then when I finally get that cup of Java and I sit down with Zack on the couch for a minute, the dogs are ready to go outside to do their business (although they already went out two hours ago with Jeff when he got up for work). Aspen will sit there in my face,being obnoxious and possibly whine until I get up and let them out!!

So off I go, hot coffee set on the table, Zack following behind, and we all go downstairs and let them out. Then it could be a fight with Zack to not get into dads memorabilia downstairs, or to leave things alone and go back upstairs.

We get upstairs, I look at my coffee, take a couple of sips and then realize I need to check out what Zack needs in his bag to take to the sitters, we discuss what he may want for breakfast and I try to make it and get him to eat it while running around playing with his plethera of toys. Then I go around the house making the beds, picking up some things, etc....and my day is off and running!!

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