Friday, January 9, 2009

New Face of Fatherhood (FM)

While my radio show may at times seem directed towards new moms, dads today are playing a full time role as caretaker to their child and I hope they are regularly tapping in for desired information.

With that thought in mind, this show was created because more and more dads have become active participants in child rearing. Some are the primary caretakers as their wives go back to work, most are tapping into paternity leave and flex time at work to spend more time with their kids, and there is a movement afoot as dads are carrying masculine diaper bags as a badge of honor.

Joining me on the show is Chris Pegula, known as the Diaper Dude ( creator of masculine diaper bags that are seen frequently by some of the hottest male celebrity dads in Hollywood. A father of 3 children, he created the first diaper bag for himself when his first child was born because there was nothing out there developed for fathers.

Then Armin Brott of has been building better fathers for more than a decade through his six best selling books on fatherhood. He admits to me that the face of fatherhood has changed and it is a very positive movement!

My husband is a perfect example, he is a very hands on dad. He juggles his work schedule to pick up our son from the sitters when I'm working, he takes days off from work to be home with Zack if I have to travel, and he spends dedicated time each day to play and interact with him.

Being an involved father is a main priority for him.

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Eric said...

I just wanted to say that I am a father who is involved in his children's lives. I love your blog and I am greatful that you have taken the time to acknowledge acitvely involved fathers and their many faces. I am currently on a parental leave for my second baby. I love my kids and love to look things up to find ways that have worked for other people, again thanks